News: IATI Data Quality Index (DQI) on pause

Annelise Parr - IATI Secretariat
Annelise Parr - IATI Secretariat • 1 September 2022

Dear IATI Community,

As part of a broader discussion with the Secretariat to revise the approved 2022 work plan in the context of planning for transition to new hosts, the Board has agreed to place certain new activities with a medium- to long-term horizon on hold if they would not be concluded by the end of the current mandate period in December 2022. One of these activities is the IATI Data Quality Index (DQI). Further to the Secretariat’s IATI Connect message of 14 June), the third and final phase of the DQI consultation on Weights and Measures is therefore postponed until new hosts are in place. All webinar recordings, comments and documentation on the consultations to date can be viewed on IATI Connect

The Secretariat continues to support organisations to improve the quality of their data by providing 1:1 support via the IATI Helpdesk and support to publishers using the IATI Validator to identify errors in their data. Please do not hesitate to contact IATI’s Technical Team for support on data quality by emailing:

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