Data Quality Index Consultation - sub-section 3.1 Validation - Summary and 3.3 Validation - Activities

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1. Read through the proposed methodology for this measure and / or download the PDF at the bottom of this page; 

2. Share your feedback through the comment box below, consider the guiding questions in your comments and include the question number in your response;

3. And finally you can suggest track-changes or add comments directly on the specifics of the methodology of the Timeliness and Validation measures - go to this DQI Live-Editing-Page

Proposed Measures - 3.1 Validation - Summary

Please find below the proposed methodology for measure 3.1 - Validation - Summary.

Definition Objective
Display the number of critical, error and warning message types per publisher.

Reduce the number of critical errors and warning types.


Output Methodology
Frequency Table

Use the Validator API to pull the count of critical, error and warning types per publisher.

Proposed Measures - 3.3 Validation - Activities

Please find below the proposed methodology for measure 3.3 - Validation - Activities.

Definition Objective
Display number and percentage of how many activities are not making it into the IATI Datastore because of validation issues.

Reduce the number of critically invalid activities.

As activities in critically invalid files are often unusable and are also excluded from the IATI Datastore, it is essential for data use to strive to reduce this number.


Output Methodology

Number / Percentage

  • Count the number of activities in critically invalid activity files per publisher.
  • Calculate percentage of critically invalid activities, by dividing by the total number of activities.

Please find below a visualisation for the 3.1 - Validation - Summary measure. Do note that this has been created to help participants picture what the DQI could look like. It is not final, nor part of the proposed methodology:


For each discussion, the IATI Secretariat will organise a webinar to explain the proposed methodology, answer questions and further explain how to engage.

  • Please find an overview of the most frequently asked questions of the Timeliness and Validation webinar here.
  • Missed the DQI Webinar on Data Completeness held on March 30? Watch the recordings here or read the summary here!



Comments (3)

Anna Whitson - IATI Secretariat
Anna Whitson - IATI Secretariat Moderator

Dear members of the IATI community,

As moderator of this consultation on the forthcoming IATI Data Quality Index, a warm welcome to you all! Thank you in advance for your inputs, which will no doubt provide invaluable as we work toward a DQI that supports our publishers to better understand and improve the quality of the data they publish. On behalf of the Secretariat, again, welcome!

-Anna Whitson; Outreach, Partnerships and Engagement Specialist, IATI Secretariat

Sarah Scholz
Sarah Scholz

Seems useful, though perhaps duplicative of the validator itself.

It would be great to see these visualized to help users of the DQI more quickly and easily absorb the results. The tables take some studying. 

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