Festival de Datos (7-9 November 2023 | Punta del Este, Uruguay)

IATI Secretariat
IATI Secretariat

Dear community,

The upcoming Festival de Datos will bring together hundreds of delegates to discuss, debate and reimagine the relationships between data, power and development. The event will take place in-person in Punte del Este, Uruguay, between 7-9 November 2023

On 8 November (10:30-12:15, local time) the IATI Secretariat will offer a hands-on training session focussing on how to harness timely data for more effective and transparent development. 

You can stream the plenary sessions and town halls of the Festival de Datos by clicking on the below button: 

Watch the Festival de Datos Livestream here

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Are you joining the Festival de Datos? Do let us know via the comment-box below or reach-out to us via sander.hees@undp.org

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