Dear IATI Community,

The IATI Annual Report 2022 was launched this week in English, French and Spanish, published today. The report details how the initiative sustained progress last year towards meeting the objectives of IATI’s Strategic Plan (2020 - 2025). An accompanying Financial Report has also been published in English, French and Spanish, which shows that IATI ended 2022 in a strong financial position, with funding available for planned activities in 2023.

The report showcases examples of different stakeholders finding new ways of using development and humanitarian data published in IATI in 2022. It also provides a summary of IATI data available last year, including on budgets and expenditure by recipient countries, gender finance, climate action, SDGs and crises.

Please share the report with colleagues via social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) and be proud of the progress achieved by our initiative in 2022.

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