Dear colleagues,

The UN World Data Forum (UNWDF 2024), is taking place in Medellín, Colombia between 11 and 14 November 2024, and has opened a call for programme proposals (due January 12th). 

The following four thematic areas are included: 

TA1 - Innovation for better and more inclusive data

TA2 - Maximizing the use and value of data for better decision making

TA3 - Building trust, protection and ethics in data

TA4 - Effective partnerships for better data and a more equitable data ecosystem

Selection criteria are listed in the programme proposal and include 1. Relevance and impact;  2. Data Innovation showing a fresh approach; 3. Demonstrates concrete and practical experiences. For full-length session proposals, the following additional criteria are considered: 4. Creativity in format; and 5. Diversity of speakers 

As we think about how IATI might best engage with this event, we wanted first to canvass the views of IATI members. Are there particular topics members would like to see IATI focus on? Have you seen innovative ways of delivering side-events, and do you have suggestions on key audiences IATI should target at the event?

If your organisation is thinking about sending representatives to the event, do let us know if you are also preparing to submit a programme proposal, and if so, whether you’d be interested to explore co-hosting with IATI or collaborating in some other way. 

Thanks in advance for your views - please post them below - and keep in mind the tight deadline for proposals (January 12th).

Kind regards,

IATI Secretariat

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