Dear Community,

As part of our work on Supporting a Network of Data, we are making a number of improvements to the Datastore. 

These improvements will make it easier to search for an activity with a specific IATI Identifier, will reduce the time data is removed from the data store during updates and will also allow us to release a new public API that will allow people to check whether any IATI Identifier from a given list of IATI Identifiers exists in the Datastore. 

In order to do this, we need to make some changes to the Datastore that will require it to completely re-index all the IATI XML documents. This process takes approximately 10 hours. During this update process, the Datastore API and website will continue to serve data, but no data updates (or deletions) will be processed. They will be queued up and processed once the re-index is completed.

We plan to do this upgrade on February 27th, starting at around 8am UTC. This means that for most of the day on February 27th, updates to publisher XML files will only begin to be processed once this upgrade process has finished.

We appreciate this will be inconvenient, but making these changes will allow us to improve the performance of the Datastore and add the features needed for the Network of Data work.

We will update this post as work progresses.


IATI Secretariat

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James (IATI Secretariat)
James (IATI Secretariat)

We have now finished this upgrade. If you see any problems, let us know via IATI support.

We will post soon with details of the new fields in this upgrade, in case they are useful for your queries.

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