Dear Community,

Good news: the IATI Data Use Working Group (DUWG) will be reinstated! Therefore we are seeking individuals from across the IATI community who want to improve use of IATI data in accordance with the IATI Strategic Plan 2020-2025

If interested in joining the new DUWG we invite you to fill out this form before 12 May 2023 (or copy-paste

Practical background

  • Target audience: Members of the DUWG do not need to be IATI members, but do need to be using IATI data. We are looking for a diversity of group members which include smaller and bigger organisations, everywhere in the world, to reflect IATI's community of data users as best we can.
  • Topics - the Board hopes to get advice from the DUWG on topics such as:
    • Future updates of the IATI Standard from Users’ perspective
    • Acts as advocates in the IATI community and in their respective organizations for IATI data use; and
    • Discussion with the Publishing Working Group: flagging data quality issues affecting usability of data published to IATI
    • Other topics the DUWG deems important to advise the Board on;
  • Time investment and frequency will be decided by the WG. A draft Terms of Reference will be finalised by the DUWG and the Board together.

If you have any questions on this group, or would like to be added to the Outlook invite for meetings, please contact the IATI Secretariat (@CodyWallace) here in Connect or at

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