United Nations World Data Forum 2024

Sander  Hees - IATI Secretariat
Sander Hees - IATI Secretariat

Dear IATI Community,

The aim of the UN World Data Forum is to spur data innovation, nurture partnerships, mobilize high-level political and financial support for data, and build a pathway to better data for sustainable development. In short the UN World Data Forum is the perfect opportunity for government officials, members of civil society, private sector leaders, and academics to come together and share ideas, showcase innovations, and plan for the future. Since January 2017, the Forum's community has grown from 2,000 people who attended the first and second Forum in Cape Town, South Africa and Dubai, United Arab Emirates to over 20,000 interested stakeholders.

Registration for in-person attendance at the WDF will open in early 2024. In the meantime, please find more information about the event via below buttons:

About UN World Data Forum

Call for Programme Proposals (deadline: February 12)

Need more information? Contact the IATI Secretariat via connect@iatistandard.org

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