RECAP - Data use stories in IATI’s partner countries

This session showed how three partner country governments are making use of IATI data. Presentations covered efforts in Madagascar to import IATI data in the Aid Management Platform, how the Government of Lesotho has been analyzing and using IATI data for several years in their annual development cooperation report, and an overview of the role that IATI data is playing in national budget planning in Chad.


  • Rufin Adriaherizo, Aid Coordination at the Prime Minister’s Office, Madagascar; 
  • Motai Ramokoinihi, Aid Coordination, at the Ministry of Development Planning, Lesotho; 
  • Lema Logamou Seknewna, PhD., Statistician Officer at the Ministry of Finance and Budget, Chad.

Check out the recording of this session on Youtube here;

You can access the presentation for this session here;

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