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Sander  Hees - IATI Secretariat
Sander Hees - IATI Secretariat • 4 October 2022

Dear IATI Community,

On Thursday 10 November (13:30-18:00 UTC) IATI organises its fourth Virtual Community Exchange. Follow this VCE4 Event-page to stay up-to-date, and register now.

In case you have an idea for a session-proposal and/or seek other community-members to join as co-host, please share your session-idea in the comment-box below. Make sure to submit your session-application by Monday 17 October via the button below.

Submit VCE4 session proposal here 

Hope to see you all Thursday 10 November at the VCE4! If you have any questions, comments or ideas related to the VCE4, feel free to reach out to me via sander.hees@undp.org



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Steven Flower
Steven Flower

Hi @Sander!

I know of three possible sessions, and would be delighted to hear from others that might be interested to discuss & collaborate on these:


With Mark Brough  & Ben Webb - IATI Secretariat  we've some things to share about tracking and modelling the "network" of IATI data, using traceability methods.  We'd have some feedback and data to share, and would relish a conversation with interested folk. 

Cross-Cutting issues

An important topic for many of those interested in using IATI data is how to find activities that cut across several themes or topics.  For example : "Food Security" doesn't fit into one single sector code, and might also have other dimensions (eg SDGs, or even certain result indicators).  It would be great to discuss how we can share methods to locate and use relevant data, and talk about the risks and opportunities in doing so.  

Humanitarian data

I know colleagues at the UN Financial Tracking Service (FTS) are very keen to discuss how IATI data can be usable and useful in humanitarian contexts, perhaps through a focus on some of the current emergency situations.  This is a long-standing topic for the community, but I think a session at the upcoming VCE will help further the conversations and understanding.  

Andie Vaughn
Andie Vaughn

USAID would welcome the session on crosscutting topics and how to improve data sharing in emerging situations. We'd be happy to share what we are looking for and our current 'use' challenges. 

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