Join IATIs Virtual Community Exchange 5 (VCE5) on Thursday 16 November

IATI Secretariat
IATI Secretariat
Dear Community,
On Thursday 16 November (13:30- 17:15 UTC) IATI will host its fifth Virtual Community Exchange (VCE5). The registration is still open via the below button (or copy-paste: 

Register here

Check the agenda here

The VCE is an informal, interactive, and community-driven opportunity for you to engage with the wider IATI Community and learn more about the work of others, including the IATI Secretariat. It offers a space for shared learning, to spark discussions or showcase flagship projects. 

The VCE5 Zoom Event Space is now live! Those who registered can now access the VCE5 Zoom Event Space to explore sessions and speakers, or connect with others. This Zoom Event Space is also your gateway to access VCE5-sessions on Thursday 16 November. 

Access VCE5 Zoom Event Space 

Tip: click the ‘Follow Content’-button at the top of this Event-page to receive notifications whenever there are VCE5-updates. In case you need any further information about the VCE5 please reach the IATI Secretariat via  

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Thea Schepers
Thea Schepers

Excellent, can't wait! Last Community Exchange had some great sessions and discussions, and we plan to make this virtual one perhaps even better.

IATI Secretariat
IATI Secretariat

Dear community,

Make sure to register for the IATI VCE5, and don't forget to share your session-proposal by 16 October (also via the registration:

As it is a community-driven event, it is important to hear your ideas on possible sessions, speakers or other suggestions. Feel free to share these via the below comment-box.

Looking forward seeing you on 16 November!

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