IATI Community is moving to Discuss!

We’re pleased to announce that all online discussion and consultation with the IATI Community will be moving to IATI Discuss.

Discuss will be the new home for IATI Standard consultations and remain the place for all other discussion topics. The change will take effect from Monday 24th October.

What will happen to old IATI Standard management discussions?

We’ll be moving our existing IATI Standard management threads section to IATI Discuss. All your valuable comments will be saved in a read-only, searchable archive and open consultations will link through to our new Standard Management forum in Discuss.

How can I comment on new IATI Standard consultations?

IATI’s Technical Team will post all new consultations to the Standard Management forum in Discuss. You will be able to make contributions by signing-in and posting comments under a chosen topic.

Why the change?

We wanted the IATI Community to share information and chat to one another in one place. As IATI Discuss is used far more than our existing Consultations section, we chose it as our new preferred forum. Users benefit from Discuss being:

  • More responsive: it’s a modern platform with a better search facility and performance;
  • More flexible: users can use wysiwyg, markdown, or html to format their posts;
  • More accommodating: posts can be linked more easily to other tools such as Github.

Further information…

Post further questions and comments about the change below or email the IATI Technical Team.

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Rory Scott
Rory Scott

Hi Steven - yes, it has a bit. We’re looking to make further visual tweaks, but for now this shrinking is down to the ‘body’ attribute needing to adhere to the rest of the IATI websites format so that we can integrate the site into the common header.

Hopefully we’ll be having some more substantial visual updates in the near future! I’m hoping we’ll go for a style that’s retro yet timeless.

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