IATI TAG 2018 open for proposals!

IATI Technical Team
IATI Technical Team • 21 September 2018

The process to submit session proposals for the TAG 2018 meeting is now open.

We are seeking proposals from all members of the IATI community, the one requirement is that you must have registered for the TAG.

We want all attendees to come away inspired, and excited about how they can further use IATI data - we’re looking for the response “aah, so that’s what IATI can do…”.

  • Each session must be focused on data use.
  • Each session must be interactive, engaging and inspiring.
  • Each session should help us achieve IATI’s mission objective: the routine use of IATI data to help achieve sustainable development.
  • We want to see lasting impact come from each session at the TAG.
  • We warmly welcome session proposals which have input from multiple organisations.
  • To be considered, make sure your proposal addresses at least one of the TAG’s data use themes and one objective.

The deadline to submit session proposals is Wednesday, 10 October. The agenda for the TAG 2018 will be decided after this.

The current plan is to have a number of sessions in the following formats, each supporting active participation by attendees:

  • Workshop (1 hour 30 mins)
  • Presentation / talk (30 mins)
  • Lightning talk (5 mins + Q&A)
  • Marketplace poster
  • Other suggested format (please specify)

Submit a session proposal

You should hear if your proposal is successful or not on the week of the 22 October. We may be in contact before this with questions or about opportunities for collaboration.

If you have any questions please e-mail tag@iatistandard.

We look forward to seeing you at the TAG!

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