Board Drop-in this Wednesday

Thea Schepers
Thea Schepers • 13 June 2022

Hi everyone, this is a reminder for members.

The Governing Board is going to have drop-in meetings to strengthen the link between members and board. First one will be this Wednesday, June 15th, 10-11 EST. Given the important matters which are currently happening, we want to make sure you know about this, and participate if you want. The link to register is here. (The link possibly has some issues, so if you have problems, please contact the secretariat.)

If you want to know more about what those important matters are, the most recent Board minutes are here.

Please be aware that we will not do a presentation or anything like that, we will simply be available to hear your views and perhaps clarify a thing or two.

I picked the data use CoP because it seems to be the biggest. By all means if you think we reach more people through another CoP, feel free to cross post. Do note that this drop-in is only for members.

Thanks, and hope to see everyone who wants to talk to the Board on Wednesday!


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Thea Schepers
Thea Schepers

Some extra info Annelise just sent me: we will offer translation to spanish and french, and will send out the link to all registered participants.

Thanks, Annelise!

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