Funding of the Aid Transparency Index

IATI Governing Board
IATI Governing Board • 16 August 2022

Hi all,

On August 2, we received a written proposal from a group of member organisations requesting IATI to fund the 2024 Aid Transparency Index by Publish What You Fund.

The letter points to the clout that the ATI has with big volume publishers, often also big donors. It also considers funding the ATI of 2024 to fit very well in IATI’s data quality strategy, and suggests safeguard measures to ATI’s independence. The full letter is attached here.

As a Board we find the proposal to be reasonable and agree that it supports IATI’s strategic objective of improving data quality and represents a good use of IATI’s financial reserves. We believe this provides an opportunity for IATI to ensure uninterrupted and consistent emphasis on improving data quality, particularly during this moment of transition. As a longstanding member of IATI, Publish What You Fund brings unrivalled expertise in this area and this kind of collaboration can underpin IATI’s longer term Data Quality Index work.

Before making a firm commitment, we’d like to explore with PWYF possibilities such as making the automated part of its assessment available for a much larger group of IATI publishers, and ensuring that lessons learned are shared for the longer term benefit of IATI and its members. We will also request PWYF to open a new round of methodology discussions. Last but not least, there are some practical issues to address, like procurement procedures, a proper agreement between IATI and PWYF, and where to actually find the budget.

We also want to give all members a voice in this matter. Normally, this could happen in the Members Assembly but in this case we don’t have the time before PWYF needs to hear back from us. To hear your thoughts and answer questions on this matter, the Governing Board will hold an extra Board Drop-In where we can discuss this proposal - and any other matters if we have the time.

Please join us for the Drop-In on Wednesday August 24th, at 10am EST on https://iatistandard.zoom.us/j/88902943355.




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leo stolk
leo stolk

Dear Governing board, Thanks for reaching out with the drop in invite. Unfortunately, I can’t change overlapping appointments at short notice.

Thanks for sharing the letter by members proposing to IATI to contribute to the 2024 ATI exercise, as part of the IATI 2023 workplan and budget. 

Would like to express my respect for what the ATI has achieved over the past decade, in terms of significant transparency gains in the work and public data of a sizable selection of large providers.  This has also contributed to the recognition of the importance of IATI publication, and the relevance of data quality for data use. I’ve personally contributed to the ATI with time and efforts in the role of independent reviewer. In my understanding a good ATI result has evolved into a normal ISO-certification alike, solid business standard, chapeaux.

In terms of priority setting for IATI, during the coming decade, emphasis should in my view shift to transparency within the networked relationships between actors and funding flows from diverse sources. A network reaching and including the sphere/the actors/the locations where the intended positive changes in people’s lives materialise. The data quality and level of transparency is certainly inconsistent, and disappointing at best within that network, often almost adsent, similar to ATI covered community at the start of the ATI.

From above you may understand that my preference is that IATI designs strategies and activities and support actors that work on the transparency of the networked community. International NGOs, regional and local NGOs too often preach transparency and openness, but act and deliver differently. Move to dowards downward and networked and local accountability as emphasis. There is a lot to learn from ATI, but IATI's scope and focus should broaden, move ahead and beyond in my view.  leo

leo stolk
leo stolk

Maybe to add if there is time for AOB in this drop in.

I wanted to ask for action/attention for one of the action points of the April Governing board meeting. It was decided to make an updated, accurate and maintained list available to all members of the membership status - who has paid, who is in arrears, who can vote, who can be elected etc. 

Find this important, considering the ATI support topic discussion, but also the important decisions that need to be taken in the upcoming MA and thereafter in relation to the 2023 workplan and budget and the hosting agreement and institutional future of IATI.

So far only one membership status snapshot update was shared (dated May 2022) with limited progress. Maybe better to share a link to the list that is actually being maintained and updated?  And also provide a resume/status update to all members more frequently.


leo stolk
leo stolk

And last but not least issues like membership status, MA agenda, elections etc, letters to the board etc deserve a proper location on IATIconnect. 
Few members will see/read these comments, as they appear in the data use community only.
Hope a member community/section can be created on IATIconnect, as request suggested and promised some time ago. An urgent matter in my view.

leo stolk
leo stolk

Herman van Loon  Andie Vaughn  Yohanna Loucheur  Michelle Levesque  Sohir Debbiche, mentioning you so these comments are somehow noticed. 

Joseph Barnes
Joseph Barnes

Dear Leo, thank you for sharing these comments. They were well noted during the Board informal. The Board remains absolutely committed to driving the equity agenda; we will be looking to a strategic partnership with PWYF to help drive some innovation and learning to help make feedback on transparency and quality available to all publishers. Best wishes. 

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