IATI Registry: Ongoing issues

Rob Redpath (IATI Secretariat)
Rob Redpath (IATI Secretariat) • 1 February 2024


We have received several reports of problems with the IATI Registry over the last few days, including:

*  the "IATI data updated" date being incorrect for recently-updated datasets

* CSV downloads containing unwanted extra characters in field headings

* Output formats changing

* filters not working on some pages

The IATI Registry is provided by a CKAN specialist supplier, Derilinx. We are working with them to resolve these issues and will update this post as we learn more. 

An initial fix for the "IATI data updated" date was rolled out lat night, and has had partial success; we are working on resolving the other issues

We are starting to collate known and suspected issues on GitHub

We will update here as we learn more, and once these issues have been resolved we will be working with Derilinx to improve the monitoring and resilience of this core piece of IATI technical infrastructure. 

If you notice any other issues, please comment here or contact [mailto:support@iatistandard.org](IATI Support) and we'll investigate. 

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Rob Redpath (IATI Secretariat)
Rob Redpath (IATI Secretariat)

Thank you for your patience with this.

We are seeing the "IATI data updated" dates updating for some - but not all - datasets. Derilinx are continuing to work on this.

For the other issues, fixes have been pushed to production and we are seeing that they appear to be working so far. Any other feedback or issues can be reported here, via Support, or on GitHub.

Rob Redpath (IATI Secretariat)
Rob Redpath (IATI Secretariat)

We have been working with Derilinx and monitoring this during the course of this week, and are pleased to report that the most impactful issues have been resolved: Registry entries are now being updated correctly, and downloads have returned to their expected formats.

Some minor issues persist, but these are mostly cosmetic and relate to our internal processes.

As always, if you believe that you are still affected by this, please do get in touch or comment below.

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