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As you may have read in the GB minutes, we will soon have three new Working Groups: a reinstated Data Use Working Group, a new Publishing Working Group, and a new(ish) Technical Working Group. These working groups will advise the Board on request and on their own initiative.

With the Publishing Working Group, we hope to unite publishers of all types (big and small, development and humanitarian, NGOs and governments and others) and create a group that can advise the Governing Board on topics such as:

- The new publishing tool, launched yesterday, which is great news. From small publishers in the group, we would love to know what the first experiences are, what works and what doesn't, and what would you like to include in the roadmap for the future?
- Which parts of the IATI Standard make sense, and which do not, from the perspective of a publisher? What could be changed in the next update if it were up to publishers?
- We hope to get feedback on quality issues from the Data Use Working Group, and have the Publishers Working Group discuss that feedback. What is the group's perspective on data quality feedback from the DUWG, how can data quality be improved there? And more in general: how can publishers and users work together on improving quality and use of the data?

None of this is set in stone yet, and the input from members of the new Publishing Working Group will be important as well. There is a draft Terms of Reference document too, which will have to be finalised by the PWG and the Board together. We will share that as soon as it is ready.

We hope to have a group together by March the latest, so a first meeting can be arranged for the MA/Community Event in Copenhagen. A limited number of members of the Working Groups are eligible for funding of the travel cost, should this be necessary.

In short: if you publish IATI data, no matter how big or small your organisation, please consider joining the Publishing Working Group, and watch this space and/or your inbox for further details soon!



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IATI Governing Board
IATI Governing Board

By the way, the time investment needed for this group is one of the things the group decides for itself, depending on availability of the members. This should be one of the first topics to be decided on in a first meeting.

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