IATI’s new publishing tool is live!

IATI Technical Team
IATI Technical Team • 17 January 2023

IATI Publisher, a new online tool to support organisations to publish development and humanitarian open data, is now live. IATI Publisher enables organisations to publish their activities and resource flows according to the rules and guidance of the IATI Standard.




Benefits of using IATI Publisher

IATI Publisher will enable organisations to publish their data on development and humanitarian activities according to the XML format required by the IATI Standard. The new tool is designed to be simple and intuitive, making publishing easier for organisations and bringing a range of benefits for users.

IATI Publisher:

  • Is free to use;
  • Provides clear explanations of data fields in the IATI Standard together with links to useful guidance;
  • Enables data to be provided either by completing online forms or via CSV file using the tool’s Bulk Upload feature;
  • Runs automatic checks (via the IATI Validator) for errors before publishing data.

Who is IATI Publisher for?

IATI Publisher has been built to support small or medium sized organisations (or those with only a limited number of activities) to publish data on their development and humanitarian activities

An ‘activity’ is an individual project or other unit of development and humanitarian work, as determined by the organisation that is publishing the data.

Large organisations, such as donor governments or UN agencies delivering 100+ activities, are advised not to use IATI Publisher. Alternative technical solutions are recommended for the publication of large volumes of data. Please email the IATI Helpdesk for more information: support@iatistandard.org.

Publishing IATI data for the first time?

We encourage organisations new to IATI to start using IATI Publisher now. The process of publishing IATI data can be complex. and IATI Publisher will guide your organisation through all the steps necessary to publish your first set of data. The tool also provides a helpful Publishing Checklist page.

Already publishing IATI data?

If you have previously published IATI data using another tool:

  • You can start using IATI Publisher now to publish data on your organisation’s new development and humanitarian activities.
  • If you currently use the publishing tool AidStream and want to migrate your existing data over to IATI Publisher, the Technical Team will work with Aidstream’s provider, Young Innovations, on the options to do so. Please email support@iatistandard.org to make a request to migrate your data from Aidstream to IATI Publisher.
  • If you are currently using another publishing tool (other than AidStream) and want to migrate your data over to IATI Publisher, please contact the IATI Helpdesk: support@iatistandard.org. IATI’s Technical Team will reach out to the publishing tool provider to discuss the possibility of migration.


We are pleased to let users know that IATI Publisher will be available in French and Spanish and information will be shared as soon as possible once these language versions are available.

Help and support

There are several ways to find guidance and support with using IATI Publisher:

  • Learn the steps of publishing IATI data by reading the Publishing Checklist
  • Join our upcoming webinar to get a helpful introduction to the tool:

IATI Publisher Demo Webinar

Tuesday 31 January 2023

2.30 - 3:30pm UTC

Join on Zoom: meeting link

  • For any questions or support with using IATI Publisher, please contact the Technical Team: support@iatistandard.org. They will collect and share common issues as Frequently Asked Questions.


We thank IATI’s community for participating in the user testing phase of developing IATI Publisher. We have incorporated user feedback into our first version of IATI Publisher. If you have further feedback, including suggestions for new features or if you encounter any issues with IATI Publisher, please contact the Technical Team: support@iatistandard.org. The tool has been designed to implement new or improved features quickly and efficiently (based on feedback from users).