The IATI Technical Team has released v3.2.0 of the Datastore API.


  • Adds spatial query functionality to the Datastore API. The point location/point/pos element within IATI has been indexed as a LatLonPointSpatialField within SOLR. The name of the new field to contain this index is location_point_latlon. This index can be used to filter IATI activities by precise locations.


For example, the following query would return all activities that contain locations within a 10 KM radius from a point in Kampala, Uganda:




Additional information on how to leverage this spatial index can be found within the SOLR documentation.

Full details of the change can be seen in the Github Release notes v3.2.0. A change log is also available in the IATI API Gateway Developer Portal.

Many thanks to those who have used IATI Datastore API and provided feedback and suggestions for improvements and new features. We continue to welcome all user feedback - do post comments below or email



IATI Technical Team


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