Datastore Search v1.9.0 Release

The IATI Technical Team has released v1.9.0 of Datastore Search, incorporating the following enhancements since v1.8.0 released in November:

  1. Combination dropdown and text input fields: For IATI elements and attributes that are conditionally associated with codelists (e.g. Sector code or Location Administrative Code), the dropdown fields have been replaced with combination dropdown and text input fields. These combination fields allow users to select values from a default codelist, while also enabling free-text input. Special thanks to Yohanna for asking a question during the Data Use Drop In session that inspired this feature.
  2. User-friendly error messages: In case a download process yields an error message, the browser will now display a more user-friendly error message. The instance of the error and some metadata will be sent to the development team through our Plausible Tracker for debugging purposes.

Full details of the changes can be seen in the GitHub release notes for Datastore Search. Many thanks to those who have used IATI Datastore Search and provided feedback and suggestions for improvements and new features. We continue to welcome all user feedback - do post comments below or email

Best wishes,

IATI Technical Team

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