IATI has new hosting arrangements for the Secretariat. Please read a blog from Henry Asor Nkang Chair, IATI Governing Board on this announcement.

Blog: Introducing IATI’s new Secretariat arrangements

New Secretariat

For the next five years, UNDP will host the IATI Secretariat and will be responsible for IATI’s policy and technology services. During this period UNOPS will provide the initiative’s legal and operational functions. Open Data Services (ODS) is the Secretariat’s new technology delivery partner (contracted via UNDP).  

Continuity of IATI services

All services including IATI’s digital tools will continue to run as usual, and requests for IATI Support will be answered in the usual way. If you have any issues or questions about IATI, please continue to email support@iatistandard.org and the Secretariat will provide assistance.

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