A pull request has been received from Andy Lulham to bring the CRSChannelCode codelist in line with that published by the OECD DAC.

A summary of changes is as follows:

Codes added:

  • 11001 Central Government
  • 11002 Local Government
  • 11003 Public corporations
  • 11004 Other public entities in donor country
  • 12001 Central Government
  • 12002 Local Government
  • 12003 Public corporations
  • 12004 Other public entities in recipient country
  • 43006 Catastrophe Containment and Relief Trust
  • 47143 Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund
  • 47144 International Renewable Energy Agency
  • 60000 Private sector institution
  • 61000 Private sector in provider country
  • 61001 Private bank in provider country
  • 61002 Private exporter in provider country
  • 61003 Private investor in provider country
  • 61004 Other non-bank entity in provider country
  • 62000 Private sector in recipient country
  • 62001 Private bank in recipient country
  • 62002 Joint-venture in recipient country
  • 62003 Other non-bank in recipient country
  • 63000 Private sector in third country
  • 63001 Private bank in third country
  • 63002 Private non-bank in third country
  • 90000 Other

Code withdrawn:

  • 50000 Other

Note that 11001-11003 refer to the donor government, whereas 12001-12003 refer to the recipient government. This isn’t clear from the titles, so should probably be amended.

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Yohanna  Loucheur
Yohanna Loucheur
Image removed. dalepotter:

Note that 11001-11003refer to the donor government, whereas12001-12003 refer to the recipient government. This isn’t clear from the titles, so should probably be amended.

Agree. We could suggest further amendments to improve the internal consistency of the list (eg “provider country” vs “donor country”).

Is there a process for the Secretariat to recommend such minor amendments to DAC-DCD and/or WP-STAT? Or does it need to go through WP-STAT members?

cc theo.sande Ole Jacob (OJ) Hjøllund

Ole Jacob (OJ) Hjøllund
Ole Jacob (OJ) Hjøllund

It should certainly go through WP-STAT.

And instinctively I would add that this is probably not best solved by adding text to specify what the code means, it is rather an issue of finding a common way to use the hierarchy. We need to maintain the ‘category’ parent-relation, and not just a flat list. Thus this issue should also include the deprecation of our current ‘Organisation Type’ list.


Dear all,
Throughout the list, the first 2 digits refer to the parent category. Nowhere in the list the parent category is repeated in the title of the categories or names within the parent category.
See for example:



IPAS-Protecting Women’s Health, Advancing Women’s Reproductive Rights

IPAS-Protecting Women’s Health, Advancing Women’s Reproductive Rights



You have to be aware the 21 refers to international ngo to know that 21053 is the channel code for the INGO IPAS. The same applies to all multilaterals, who have their channel code as IATI identifier. Here, you have to be aware that 41 stands for United Nations agency, fund or commission (UN) to understand why WHO has 41307.





World Health Organisation - assessed contributions


Organisation mondiale de la santé - contributions obligatoires




In some rare cases, organisations, after having received a channel code, have shifted form one parent to another. Eg:





International Centre for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas


Centre international de recherche agricole dans les zones arides



Where ICARDA original was categorized under parent 47 World Bank, they are now under 51 Research Institute. Of course, for historic reasons channel codes are not changed.
OECD/DAC should make available a machine readable codelist on channel codes and maintain it. In the excel version of the OECD/DAC source codes they already include the parent category in the first column and the category code is in the second column. So they are already providing what you are looking for, except that it is not repeated in the name.


Donor Government




Central Government




Local Government




Public corporations




Other public entities in donor country

Hope this helps?!

Andy Lulham
Andy Lulham

I must have made a mistake here originally – code 50000 (Other) wasn’t actually withdrawn, but has been now.

I’ve updated the pull request with the correct withdrawal-date, in order to reflect this.

IATI Technical Team
IATI Technical Team

The The IATI tech team have reviewed and approved this pull request. We expect changes to be implemented by 9th June.

As the DAC is the authority for this list, the IATI tech team have agreed to bring the this codelist in line with the recent codelist published by the OECD DAC.

We would encourage further discussion on Discuss about the structure and hierarchies within this codelist and the consideration to add a category to this codelist (see http://iatistandard.org/202/codelists/Sector/ for something similar) to continue. However, this should not stop us approving and implementing these changes imminently.

As this post refers specifically to updating this codelist we will close it once changes have been implemented. We would encourage that a separate Discuss topic is started to carry on the discussions referenced above.

Hayden Field
Hayden Field

The Pull Request referenced in the first post of this topic has now been merged.

The values will appear on the website when it is next generated (should be later today).

As such, I have marked this topic as [Added].

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