The following addition to the IATI Organisation Identifier list has been proposed for the organisation Institute for Family Health, which is A King Hussein Foundation Institution in Jordan. The A King Hussein Foundation Institution has previously been allocated the XI-IATI identifier XI-IATI-KHF.


I have checked the Jordanian Register of Associations but The Institute for Family Health doesn't appear as they are registered under a private law and don’t have a registration number.


As part of the investigations, I have spoken with the Institute for Family Health who have confirmed some of the above details.


I have also sought advice from Steven Flower before proposing this solution.




Name: Institute for Family Health


Description: The Institute for Family Health (IFH) serves as a national and regional model for comprehensive and progressive healthcare that addresses the physical, mental, and social welfare of Jordanians and refugees throughout Jordan.


If no objection is received this XI-IATI code will be approved and added on November 7th, 2023.

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Simon Whitehouse - IATI Secretariat
Simon Whitehouse - IATI Secretariat

Hello Michelle, thanks for your question.

We don't have a relevant Jordanian registry for the Institute for Family Health as they were set up under a private law. I had a look at the XI-IATI codelist (…) and we don't add a country code to these identifiers, as a general rule.

In this case, we have used the same structure as European Commission based entities, where the parent organisation's initials are added after 'XI-IATI' followed by an underscore and a code for the organisation. For example, European Commission – Development and Cooperation has the identifier 'XI-IATI-EC_DEVCO'

Michelle Levesque
Michelle Levesque

I understand there is no registry in Jordan. I'm simply questioning why we would us XI rather than JO as the first of the three segments of the code.

The standard itself only mentions using two segments (extract below) and doesn't indicate any guidance for the first two segments proposed. Why would one care in which country the registration organization is found as opposed to the country in which the organization itself is found?

"Must be in the format {RegistrationAgency}-{RegistrationNumber} where {RegistrationAgency} is a valid code in the Organisation Registration Agency code list and {RegistrationNumber} is a valid identifier issued by the {RegistrationAgency}."

I realize I'm tilting at windmills here but it seems to me a small amout of smart numbering so that it is obvious where an organization is located is more helpful than identifying where the registration agency is located.

Simon Whitehouse - IATI Secretariat
Simon Whitehouse - IATI Secretariat

Hello Michelle

Thanks for your response.

Using JO would mean a change in the way that we construct organisation identifiers. We are certainly not averse to discussing this, but I do think that it is out of the scope of this discussion, which is about issuing an XI-IATI identifier so that we can approve the Institute for Family Health's account on the IATI Registry.

Are you happy for us to go ahead and issue the new XI-IATI identifier, please?

I'll set up a separate issue/thread for IATI identifiers if you'd like to continue the discussion.

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