Message from IATI Governing Board Chair (June 2022):

The IATI Governing Board is working to secure future hosting arrangements for IATI, when the mandate of the current consortium ends in December 2022.

In April, following the process agreed with members during the December 2021 Members’ Assembly meeting, the Governing Board received a proposal from the current hosting consortium against the agreed Terms of Reference for the Hosting of IATI from 2023 onwards. The review panel comprising members from the Board and IATI’s Institutional Working Group met in-person (in New York, 26-27 April) to consider the bid and they shared their recommendations with the Governing Board.

The panel concluded that the proposal did not fully meet the requirements of the Terms of Reference and recommended that the Board broaden the process to solicit new proposals. The Governing Board accepted the recommendation of the review panel and is now working to develop a process and timetable to invite other proposals against the same Terms of Reference.

As reflected in the meeting’s minutes, the Board consulted with current hosts UNDP, DI and UNOPS to enquire about the possibility of extension through 2023. The Consortium responded that it remained fully committed to IATI for as long as its services were needed, including for spillover activities into 2023. However, the Consortium requested the Board to expedite the process of bidding to identify new hosts as early as possible in 2022, to provide clarity to respective teams and facilitate the smoothest possible transition to new hosts.

The Governing Board is now planning the next stages of the process to secure the future hosting arrangements for IATI in a timely manner. Information about the process going forward will be posted online in due course.


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