Dear Colleagues,

I wanted to share a few draft guidance notes that we have put together outlining how IATI data can be useful to track commitments under the Grand Bargain, including localisation, earmarking and multi-year funding. Some of the guidance proposed here is a bit different to what has come before. This takes into account the experience of working with humanitarian publishers over the last few years. You can find the notes here:

As part of these notes, we’ve also included some information how the data can be used. There are a few little interactive pieces in there for the localisation and earmarking sections.

On the localisation note, for example, you can see where a publisher has used organisation identifiers to refer to partners in “developing” countries (according to UN definitions), which are likely to refer in most cases to local and national actors.

On the earmarking note, you can see an initial attempt to classify spending according to Grand Bargain earmarking categories, using a mapping table from OECD DAC Aid Types.

Many thanks to those who provided inputs into some earlier drafts - though the responsibility for errors or omissions remains mine!

If you have any thoughts or feedback on these notes, please do discuss below, or you can email your feedback to:

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