Dear Community,

During this month’s Data Use Drop-In session, @AlexMiller showcased how to use IATI’s Datastore Search (Simple and Advanced Search). In case you missed the session, please find below the recording and presentation. 


Overview of the topics addressed: 


  • How to conduct text search across IATI data - usage of grouping, wildcard characters, fuzzy search, proximity search
  • How to download IATI data from the Datastore Search? (per activities, per transactions, per budget)
  • How to view activity level data in d-portal?


  • Select data cross combination of elements - usage Boolean grouping to facilitate logical grouping
  • How to conduct geospatial search?
  • How to search using Geonames ID?
  • Brief overview how to download IATI data from Datastore Search?
  • Data Use Query Corner - Datasearch together with CDFD
  • How to export/import queries?
  • French/English translation of IATI activities

For any more information about the Data Use Drop-Ins, please contact 

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