As part of the IATI Strategic Plan (2020-2025)  we are committed to support current and new publishers to meet the highest standards of data quality. One step in this process will be by updating the IATI Publishing Statistics pages on our website and suggesting new assessment areas to measure progress more effectively. In order to achieve this, we will develop a Data Quality Index (DQI)  through a consultative process with IATI community members. The aim of this consultation is to reach agreement with the IATI community on what good quality IATI data looks like and how this can be further promoted, including through a set of revised data quality measures for all IATI publishers, to be implemented in a new DQI and available through our website. 

IATI is pleased to announce the forthcoming Consultation on IATI Connect, Data Quality Index: Timeliness and Validation, starting 14 February. Followed by Data Completeness starting end of March, and the final consultation on the weights for each DQI measure starting end of April.

More information to come!

Who is this Consultation for?

This consultation is relevant and open to all IATI community members, including both publishers and data users. We want to ensure that we hear the views of all stakeholder groups including governments, multilateral organisations, development finance institutions, international and national NGOs, and private sector organisations. We also welcome and encourage participation by people with different levels of IATI knowledge. 

Two phases

The consultation will be undertaken in two phases on IATI Connect:

  • Discussion 1 (September/ October): What are the most important dimensions of good quality IATI data relevant for all types of  IATI publishers?
  • Discussion 2 (January/ February 2022):  Review and feedback on the proposed IATI Data Quality Index technical methodology based on agreed measures in Discussion 1.

The first phase (Discussion 1) of the consultation will be clear and accessible to all participants at all levels of familiarity with IATI. When the discussion on the methodology starts (Discussion 2), a level of technical understanding and knowledge of the IATI Standard would be beneficial for participants. Contributions can be made and read in any language through IATI Connect. You can select your preferred language by clicking on ‘select your language’ on the top right of the menu bar.

How to get involved?

  • Please join and click the ‘follow content’ button at the top of this Discussion to stay up to date on any news regarding the launch of this DQI Consultation.  
  • Take note of the following important dates:
Date Action
By 1 February

Announce forthcoming consultation on IATI Connect along with dates for consultation phases

1-14 February

Put together consultation plan document

14 February

Publish the methodology and visualization, kick off first consultation on Timeliness and Validation

Week of 14 February Timeliness and Validation webinar

21 March

Start the second consultation on Data Completeness

Week of 21 March

Data Completeness webinar

25 April

Start the final consultation on how the different measures should be weighted and summarized

Week of 25 April

Webinar on Index setup

We look forward to your engagement in the consultation!  If you have any additional questions, please contact us at

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Petya Kangalova
Petya Kangalova

We want to thank everyone who participated in the IATI Data Quality Index consultation by commenting on the Background Paper over September and October 2021:

We have listened to the community input and have provided a follow-up summary from Discussion 1  with a way forward for each proposed measure below.

Next steps: We want to allow enough time for the development of the methodology, incorporating feedback received in discussion 1. The IATI Data Quality Index technical methodology consultation will launch in mid-January 2022, including a number of focused group sessions for discussion in February 2022 (dates tbc). 

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch by responding to this thread or emailing

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