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Click on the title links below to find individual session presentations and video recordings from IATI's first Virtual Community Exchange.


Opening Session

Transparency, open data and the IATI community in the era of the SDGs and COVID-19 

  • This opening session featured two keynote speakers and a panel discussion with diverse IATI stakeholders, outlining the importance of the community for meeting IATI’s key goals and sharing ambitions for 2021 and beyond.

IATI for All

IATI data access / use 101 

  • New to IATI’s data access and use tools? This session presented an overview of each of IATI’s data access tools, including d-portal, the IATI Query Builder / Datastore and Country Development Finance Data.

IATI data on display

  • AfDB, Global Affairs Canada and the European Commission presented their approach to sharing and visualising IATI data, and discussed their data portals’ unique features, key differences, and main goals.

IATI publishing 101

  • Publishing IATI data can be challenging, especially when you’re new to the IATI community. This session provided useful tips and tricks on how to get started with publishing IATI data.

Breaking splendid isolation through IATI Connect

  • Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic over a year ago, we have experienced an accelerated dependency on virtual community tools. This session addressed the key ingredients for compelling and sustainable virtual engagements and shared lessons learned from successful networks.

A Deeper Dive

Progress in improving IATI data quality: Where are we now? 

  • One of the core objectives of the  IATI Strategic Plan is to drive a significant improvement in the quality of data published to IATI. This session provided an update on the work the IATI Secretariat is doing to engage and support IATI publishers to improve the quality of the data they publish to IATI.

Progress in improving systematic data use: Where are we now?

  • One of the core objectives of the  IATI Strategic Plan is to drive a significant improvement in the systematic use of IATI data. This session provided an update on the work the IATI Secretariat is doing to engage and support data users to access and use IATI data, and presented IATI’s new Country Development Finance Data tool.

Using IATI data to track trends in aid spending under COVID-19 in East Africa

  • Development Initiatives is using near real-time IATI data to track changes and identify trends in aid spending under COVID-19. This session provided an overview of aid trends at the regional level and situated these within the wider context of trends in national budgets in East Africa.

Bridging data quality and data use 

  • This session supported cross-fertilisation between the IATI Data Publishing and Data Use Communities of Practice, facilitating a frank discussion between data publishers and data users around linkages between data quality and blockages to data use, and possible solutions.

Mapping, visualising and analysing data more effectively: A Canadian innovative, open-access platform for the development sector and links to IATI 

  • The session explored how CanWaCH’s innovative, open-access platform is being used to showcase Canada’s contributions to global health and gender equality programming, building on IATI’s work.

IATI Advanced

IATI’s new integrated platform: Where are we now?

  • This session provided an update on several components of IATI’s new integrated system architecture, including the API Gateway, Validator V2, and a public Validator API.

Closing Session

Wrapping up IATI’s first Virtual Community Exchange

  • The closing session of IATI’s first Virtual Community Exchange provided space for participants to reflect on their experiences during the VCE and set the scene for future strengthening of the global IATI community.

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Annelise Parr - IATI Secretariat
Annelise Parr - IATI Secretariat

Thanks to everybody attending. If you were participating, please do share any nice pictures you have from any of the sessions!

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