We are considering holding a miniTAG on Traceability on the evening of Wednesday 28 June in London.

A couple of events are happening at the same time: the OpenAg meeting is taking place 28-30 June and there is a bilaeral meeting planned for 29 June, so it would be good to take the opportunity of some people being in the same place to share some knowledge and recent work on traceability.

We’re thinking of finding a venue near Southwark Cathedral (where the OpenAg event is happening) and making the miniTAG a meetup-style evening. There would be opportunity for Show & Tell and then some follow-up discussion, probably accompanied by some food and drink.

Is anyone interested?

The “miniTAG” branding was an idea that came out of TAG2017 in Tanzania - to encourage small-scale community meetups. This is a bit experimental!

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Ole Jacob (OJ) Hjøllund
Ole Jacob (OJ) Hjøllund

Yes, it should be possible. And prior to the event, I hope to share some drafts on ideas reg. future traceability. Even though a few of them might have to await the next integer-upgrade, I would really appreciate to have them exposed for such a group.

John Adams
John Adams

Thanks Reid. I’m still looking for venues in central London - the bilateral group will be in Whitehall so that’s pretty close too.

so far what I’m planning is pretty low-key: probably an event 5pm-8pm or 6pm-9pm, with some show&tell and an opportunity to chat about one topic.

Who else is around and would like to be involved?

John Adams
John Adams

Update on the miniTAG from last week’s IATI TAG newsletter

Join our technical community for a ‘miniTAG’ on how IATI can best help achieve traceability. The meeting will include presentations and a lively discussion (followed by drinks) on tracking spending throughout complex development delivery chains using IATI data.

miniTAG on tracebility
Date: Wednesday 28 June
Time: 17:30 – 20:30
Location: Central London (participants will be sent venue information once registered)

Complete the registration form by 16 June and you’ll be sent an email to confirm your place.

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