The following two additions to the Organisation Registration Agency codelist have been proposed upon request of new publishers. Following successful approval from the IATI technical team they will be added to the codelist within a week.

Name: Commercial Registry, Federal Office of Justice, Switzerland
Description: The Swiss Commercial Register is administered by the cantons under the supervision of the Swiss Confederation. All the commercial register entries made by the cantonal register offices are published in the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce (SOGC) after having been checked and approved by the Federal Commercial Registry Office.
Public database: Yes

Code: SS- RRC
Name: South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission
Description: The South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (SSRRC) is an agency of the Government of South Sudan. It is the operational arm of the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management. The NGO Act 2016 added additional powers to the agency to register any NGO interested in operating in South Sudan.
URL: (not functional currently)
Public database: No

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Yohanna  Loucheur
Yohanna Loucheur

I have a question about the second one - SS-RRC.

Image removed. petyakangalova:

The NGO Act 2016 added additional powers to the agency to register any NGO interested in operating in South Sudan.

Could someone clarify whether this means registering foreign NGOs to work in South Sudan, or registering new South-Sudanese NGOs? I initially understood the first meaning. If that was indeed the case, I would suggest that this should not be seen as a registration agency, since foreign NGOs are already registered by their national registration agency. If it is indeed about registering national NGOs, then it’s all good.

Petya Kangalova
Petya Kangalova

Hi Yohanna, thank you for flagging this. I agree that there is a wider discussion to be had, which I know has been started some time ago, about registration for international NGOs. You have probably seen the posts on Discuss related to organisation identifiers as part of the Codelist Management tech paper. I think there will be a useful discussion at the TAG on this.

Specifically for the South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission, the NGO Act was introduced in 2016 governing both national and international Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in South Sudan. As such, I think that it should be added to the registration agency list, but happy to hear other views.

Petya Kangalova
Petya Kangalova

Yohanna Loucheur Let us know if there are any other comments you would like to add on the South Sudan registration agency. Otherwise, as the 7 days discussion period has passed and the IATI technical team has now approved the two agencies, we would like to go ahead with adding the codes to our existing codelist.

Many thanks,

Yohanna  Loucheur
Yohanna Loucheur

Is there a rush to add them? Since there will be lots of discussions next week related to organization IDs, registration agencies etc, there may considerations raised that could help determine the best course. I’m also concerned that those most likely to have something useful to say here are too busy preparing for the TAG.

Petya Kangalova
Petya Kangalova

Hi Yohanna Loucheur We have submitted the proposed additions on request of organisations that are preparing to publish to IATI. They have advised us that they are registered with this agency and are waiting for confirmation of being able to use the new identifier prefix in order to create their IATI Organisation identifier.

I agree that more people will be able to contribute to this discussion at the TAG and there will be important considerations raised on how to proceed with the registration agencies and organisation IDs, but at the moment we are following the process currently set in place.

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