Again, asking to add the SDG Indicators ( to the list of recognised indicator vocabularies (

The previous thread was closed, however without a solution: Add SDG Indicators as standard vocabulary

Upon closure, reference was made to a related discussion, which i.m.o. is a different issue (recognising SDGs as ‘policy-markers’ vs the simple addition of a recognised vocabulary to an existing codelist)
BTW: the discussion here mentions “This topic has been rejected as it is now possible to report SDGs as inputs via sectors or as outputs/outcomes via results.

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Wendy Rogers
Wendy Rogers

Thanks Pelle Aardema and just to clarify that the intention on closing the previous post was only in order to consolidate all the posts relating to any candidate changes to the handling of the SDGs via the Standard.

However, in addition to the previously referenced Std Upgrade post of Recognising SDGs as Policy Markers my colleague Petya Kangalova who is assisting with the coordination of the Standard Upgrade process (thanks Petya) also reminded me of an alternative post for ‘Results - add more indicator vocabularies’ which as you will see also includes the proposal for adding an entry for the SDG indicators.

As it is still possible to post to the Standard Upgrade related posts (even if a proposal has been rejected) I would like to link these posts perhaps with the recommendation that the URL link that you have provided for the SDG indicator vocabularies may be a better link to use? Would that be okay?

Bill Anderson
Bill Anderson

Apologies, Pelle Aardema

Once we were aware that there were no objections to making this a non-embedded codelist this issue should have been removed from the 2.03 agenda.

I have now removed it from the progress table.

Petya Kangalova
Petya Kangalova

Pelle Aardema Thanks for flagging this up.
Now that 2.03 has gone live with the Indicator vocabulary codelist being a non-embedded codelist, and no objection to adding the SDG indicator list since your post back in July, I have submitted a Github request that needs to be approved and will become live on the website within a week. Apologies for the delay.

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