Dear colleagues,

On 3 May 2023, the IATI Secretariat convened a technical focus group consultation among ‘recipient’ multilateral organisations for a discussion on publishing multi-year funding to IATI

A readout of the consultation is available here: 

Why is multi-year-funding important to publish?! Are there tangible use case scenarios that clearly articulate the utility of publishing multi-year-funding to IATI? 

Perhaps, as a recipient organisation of multi-year-funding, I may want to record that commitments have a multiyear dimension, to "give credit" to the donor; or, as a data analyst, I want to track the spending of MYF commitments, so I can understand the rate of utilisation and/or understand the longevity of any funding commitments, to undertake time series analysis. 

While the existing IATI Standard does not provide explicit publishing guidance for recipient organisations that receive multi-year funding, the purpose of this initial discussion was to understand how organisations are currently recording multi-year funding, and determine common methodological approaches and best practices that could be utilised, while making it easier for data users to track multi-year funding commitments. 

The result of this discussion, along with the next round of consultations with ‘provider’ organisations of multi-year funding, will inform the basis for developing the IATI Secretariat’s guidance note for publishing multi-year funding in the interim period and in turn providing evidence and engagement points for any future changes to the IATI Standard. 


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