Currently there is no published list of emergencies provided by OCHA FTS. Therefore the entry 1-1 for ’ UN OCHA FTS’ should be removed from the Humanitarian Scope Vocabulary to avoid any confusion.

This entry was originally added because it had been anticipated that UN OCHA FTS would provide a list but this has not possible to do to date (although they do provide a list of appeals as at 2-1)

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Yohanna  Loucheur
Yohanna Loucheur

Hi Wendy

You say “this has not possible to do to date”, which implies that it may still be considered in the future. Is this the case? Or has there been a final decision that GLIDE IDs should be used for emergencies?

This was my understanding given the conclusion of this other discussion ( Humanitarian Scope Vocabularies ) but as your wording seems to keep the door open, I thought I’d double-check.

Wendy Rogers
Wendy Rogers

Thanks for checking Yohanna Loucheur and to clarify that at this point in time FTS have no plans to publish and maintain a separate list of emergencies. Therefore GLIDE remains the only public published list of emergencies currently available to use.

Of course things could change in the future but we will manage any such changes if and when they should occur. Hope that helps

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